The Leaflet

The Leaflet is published by the New England Association of Teachers of English twice each school year.
Subscription to The Leaflet is included in the annual membership dues. 

Manuscripts and inquiries should be addressed to the editor, Mark Fabrizi.  See also Information for Authors.

Back issues of The Leaflet are available by emailing Richard West.

The Leaflet is a member of the NCTE Affiliate Information Exchange Agreement.

The Leaflet - Editorial Board

Dr. Mark A. Fabrizi, Editor

Ms. Laurin Baldwin (Worcester Academy MS), nonfiction
Mr. Dav Cranmer (New England Institute of Technology), nonfiction
Mr. Robert Ford (NBHS), nonfiction
Ms. Carrie Salvato (W.L. Chenery Middle School, Belmont, MA), nonfiction
Dr. Allison Speicher (ECSU), nonfiction
Mr. Michael Berry (independent scholar), fiction
Ms. Sasha Possemato (WRSD—Wachusett Regional), fiction
Dr. James Brosnan (Johnson & Wales), poetry
Dr. Daniel Donaghy (ECSU), poetry
Dr. Reginald Flood (ECSU), poetry


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