NEATE Writing Contest for Students

Annual NEATE Writing Contest for Students

Contest Rules

  1. Students who are enrolled in middle or high schools in New England are eligible.
  2. Students must submit a submission and consent form. Entries without a submission and consent form will not be advanced in the selection process.
  3. Each submission must be under 750 words.
  4. Students may submit only one piece.
  5. Entries should include name, grade level, title of the piece, category and word count.
  6. Entries must be submitted in a Microsoft word extension (.doc or.docx) or with a .pdf extension.
  7. Submissions must be submitted online only to:
  8. Contestants will be grouped according to age level: Middle or High School.
  9. Winners will be chosen from each category: Nonfiction, Poetry and Fiction
  10. Winners will be published in The Leaflet, the publication of New England Association of Teachers of English, and announced and published in various NEATE forums. 
  11. Winners will also be awarded $50 for each category at each level.
  12. Submissions need to be sponsored by a teacher.  This teacher will certify that the student attends the school identified on the submission form and will attest to the work being an original piece.  This teacher does not have to be a member of NEATE.  Teachers who sponsor the winning writers will receive a $25 discount to attend the NEATE Annual Conference.


Deadline for submissions is March 2, 2018.

Winners will be announced on or before May 1, 2018.

NEATE Writing Contest Rules

NEATE Writing Contest Submission and Consent Form

Congratulations to the Winners

of the 2017 NEATE Writing Contest for Students


High School

Poetry: Joyce Hida, grade 12 of Rockville High School, CT for “Amerika.”

Sponsoring teacher: Victoria Nordlund


Fiction:  Christopher Ravosa, grade 12 of Northwest Catholic High School, CT for “Of the Dust of the Ground.”

Sponsoring teacher: Jeffery Przech


Nonfiction: Clara Bradley, grade 12 of Bangor High School, ME for “Truth in Falling and Flying: A Memoir.”

Sponsoring teacher: Stephanie Hendrix


Middle School

Poetry: Abby Tran, grade 8 of Oyster River Middle School, NH for “In the World of Forgetfulness.”

Sponsoring teacher: Linda Rief


Fiction: Rowan Brown, grade 8 of Oyster River Middle School, NH for “The Warehouse.”

Sponsoring teacher: Linda Rief


Nonfiction: Ella Gianino, grade 8 of Oyster River Middle School, NH for “Taste, Touch, Travel.”

Sponsoring teacher: Linda Rief

You can read these wonderful pieces in future editions of NEATE Publications!


Thank you to everyone who submitted and who sponsored a student writer!


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