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The NEATE Newsletter is published quarterly.  In order to be truly  newsworthy, the newsletter needs submissions by its members.  Please send in any information you would like the members to receive.  Awards, changes in curriculum, legislation in your state, etc., are all pertinent.

Submissions and/or suggestions may be sent to the editor, Beth Herman-Davis at


Download a copy of the NEATE Newsletter:

Winter 2017 NEATE Winter 2017 Newsletter

Fall 2016 NEATE Fall 2016 Newsletter

Spring  2016 NEATE Spring 2016 Newsletter

Winter 2016 NEATE Winter 2016 Newsletter

Fall 2015 NEATE Newsletter Fall 2015

Spring 2015 NEATE Newsletter Spring 2015

Winter 2015 NEATE Newsletter Winter 2015

Spring 2014 NEATEnewsletterspring14.pdf

Fall 2013 NEATE News Fall 2013

Spring 2013  NEATE_NEWS_Spring_2013.pdf 

Spring 2012  NEATE_NEWS_Spring_2012.pdf

Winter 2011/2012

Spring 2011  NEATE NEWS 2011 Spring.pdf

Winter 2010/2011  NEATE_NEWS_2010_Winter.pdf


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