Online Membership
Membership in NEATE's online community is free, and it enables you to access information about the organization and participate in professional discussions.

In an effort to reduce Spam activity and protect our members, all new online memberships must be approved by a system administrator.  

Full Membership
Consider upgrading to full membership in NEATE, which is a wonderful bargain. Full members receive the following benefits:


  • Subscription to The Leaflet, NEATE's journal.
  • Opportunities for leadership in NEATE
  • Contact with teachers of language arts at all educational levels
  • Affiliation with National Council of Teachers of English
  • Reduced conference fees
  • NEATE grant opportunities

1 year
2 years
Regular Membership $20.00 $35.00
Retired Teacher $10.00  N/A
Student $10.00  N/A
School or Department
(depts. of at least four teachers - comes
with reduced conference rates but only
one set of publications)
$99.00  N/A
Institutional Member
(publications only)
$35.00  N/A

There are two ways to join NEATE: You can use PayPal by clicking on the links in the table above, or you can fill out the membership form and send a check (payable to NEATE) or your credit card details to the following address:

Sarah Lefebvre
c/o WRHS

1401 Main Street
Holden, MA 01520


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