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Information for Authors

Some major changes are coming to The Leaflet, the journal of the New England Association of Teachers of English. Our goal is the same: To provide teachers at all levels with an opportunity to share ideas, research, and classroom experiences with other professionals. The journal will be expanded and published at least twice per year, spring and fall. The Leaflet has served the members of NEATE for more than 100 years and will continue to be a valuable resource for English teachers.


CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS: Considering the frequent changes that occur in the classroom and at the national and state levels, we wish to provide English teachers across New England with articles that have a current pedagogical focus.  Manuscripts will be accepted for each issue that describe innovative teaching strategies, recent classroom research, lesson plans, and reading recommendations to assist us in our vocation.  Individual issues of The Leaflet centered on themes are intended to provide a focus for submissions, not to limit contributors to particular content.  Consider themes as writing prompts rather than publication constraints.

In addition, we will continue to publish book reviews (fiction and nonfiction), creative applications of technology, and original fiction and poetry written by the very talented teachers amongst us.


MANUSCRIPT GUIDELINES: Manuscripts should be double-spaced throughout with standard margins and numbered pages.  MS Word 2000 or later is preferred.  Documentation should follow the most recent APA guidelines, and manuscripts must conform to the NCTE Guidelines for Gender-Fair Use of Language (see

While high-quality writing and rigorous research are among the most important criteria for publication, manuscripts should generally adhere to the following lengths:

  • Articles: 10-12 pages (2,500 to 3,000 words)

  • Fiction: 15 pages (~3,500 words)

  • Book reviews: 4-5 pages (900 to 1,200 words)

  • Other submissions (e.g., web page descriptions, technology applications, etc.): 300-500 words, or as appropriate

Submit your work as a Word attachment to the editor at  The subject line should read Leaflet submission.  Include your name and institution within the body of the email along with a brief (50-word) author biography, but remove your name and other identifying information from the manuscript before you submit it.  Manuscripts submitted to The Leaflet will be reviewed by one or more members of the editorial board in addition to the editor.  Editorial decisions are not limited to acceptance or rejection: Promising manuscripts are often treated as drafts and returned with suggestions for revision.

The deadline for submissions is approximately four months prior to publication.  Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged by email.

Click here to view upcoming themes of the Leaflet.

Send all manuscripts and inquiries to Mark Fabrizi, Leaflet Editor, at



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