New England Association of
Teachers of English
115th Annual Fall Conference
Literacy for Change
October 20-21, 2017
Join colleagues in Mansfield/Foxboro, MA
Holiday Inn 
26 Concurrent Sessions
Graduate Credit Option
Free Play Performance
Prizes, Awards, Mini-grants, Reception
Complimentary Saturday Breakfast
Scholarships for Early-Career Teachers
Friday Keynote: Gish Jen 

Gish Jen will share insights from her latest book, The Girl at the Baggage Claim, available to the first 50 conference registrants for free. Critics describe the book as provocative and powerful. Eric Lander, President and Founding Director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard University, writes, “Science has revealed how our senses alter the world around us—making us focus on visual boundaries, musical repetition, and musky odors. With her novelist’s insights, Gish Jen shows us how differences in culture can alter our world as well.” Gish will help us understand how different students from various cultures can be from one another, and how this affects their reading and writing.

Saturday Keynote: Taylor Mali

The torch-bearing arm of the Statue of Liberty was shipped over to the United States 10 years before the rest of the statue was assembled and dedicated. It was displayed in public parks on the East Coast for those 10 years in an attempt to raise funds to build the pedestal on which she would later stand. Were it not for Emma Lazarus’s poem, “The New Colossus,” the funds might never have been collected and Lady Liberty might still be in pieces. Never doubt the power of poetry to move and sway.

Session Offerings

  • World Café: A Model for Student Engagement
  • Graphic Novels: The Unicorn of Literary Instruction
  • Creating Change: Opening Worlds One Book at a Time
  • Creating an Understanding of an Unfamiliar Culture (Islam) Through Young Adult Literature
  • Teaching Rhetoric to Understand the World
  • Reading the Apocalypse: Using Cormac McCarthy’s The Road to Develop a Multimodal Analysis
  • Strengthening Literacy Skills utilizing the SAT Suite of Assessments and SAT Practice on Khan Academy Resources
  • From the Page to Life—Reading Roadmap to Empathy, Courage, Forgiveness, and Gratitude
  • Erasing the Transactional: Argumentation as Authentic, Action-Based Learning
  • Publishing Your Work in The Leaflet
  • “Click, Clack, Moo!” And Critical Theory
  • Moving Beyond the Two-Sided Debate: Using the Case Study Method to Bring Multiple Voices into Difficult Conversations
  • Gamify English Language Arts: Rethinking Literacy, Learning, and Student Success
  • Connecting through Story: YA Literature and Social-Emotional Learning
  • Media Literacy for Social Change: Teaching with Informational & Primary Texts
  • Seeded & Leveled Text as a Differentiated Approach for Vocabulary and Comprehension
  • Negotiating the Personal, Professional, and Political: Teaching for Social Justice in the English Classroom
  • A Shift in the Learning Paradigm: Toward Digitally Reflective Teaching Practices and Literacies
  • Questioning the Questions: Helping Students Connect to Essential Questions
  • Making a Difference with Grammar
  • Understanding 21st Century Colonialism through Joseph Conrad’s 19th Century Heart of Darkness
  • Atticus, An Advocate: Developing Rhetorical Analysis Skills in To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Raising Student Voice: Using Slam Poetry in the Classroom

Credit Option

For the second year in a row, NEATE is offering conference participants an opportunity to earn one graduate credit through a partnership with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Requirements for one graduate credit (available only to participants attending both days of the conference):

  • Participation in the Friday workshop “Literacies of Personal and Social Change”
  • Participation in workshops during four other conference sessions, attendance at the keynote speeches, and writing of brief reflections to be submitted at the end of the conference
  • Reading and online discussion of the remainder of Teaching for Joy and Justice by November 30
  • Designing a lesson or lesson sequence based on insights gained from the reading and from conference sessions by December 30

Enter and Win!

Be sure to enter the annual NEATE raffle on Friday and take home a prize of your choice! NEATE members and regional businesses contribute to this raffle. Visit us in the exhibit hall—and don’t forget to bring your address labels for the raffle tickets!

The raffle proceeds fund two $200 mini-grants that NEATE awards to teachers to pursue academic work, develop units, or create classroom materials. Winners will be announced after the conference and invited to share their projects with NEATE.

Exhibit Hall

Publishers and other vendors share new products, assist attendees in meeting students’ needs, and provide items to make every educator’s life easier. Exhibitors will be available all day Friday and will provide a variety of giveaways. Books on the Square will offer a 10% discount to conference attendees. Their knowledgeable staff will make available speakers’ materials as well as titles recommended by workshop presenters.

Free Performance of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird by the Classic Repertory Company!

Register Online

Register online by October 3 to receive a discount. You can also download a registration form. Visit

Graduate credit is available through Western Massachusetts Writing Project at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


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