2017 Conference Handouts

"Atticus, An Advocate: Developing Rhetorical Analysis Skills through To Kill a Mockingbird."

Presenter: Kristina Aste-Mayer

"Creating an Understanding of an Unfamiliar Culture (Islam) Through Young Adult Literature"

Presenters: Danielle King-Watkins and Arianna Drossopoulos

"Creating Change: Opening Worlds One Book at a Time" 

Presenters: Nancy Tupper Ling, Cheryl Lawton Malone, and Heather Lang 

"Erasing the Transactional: Argumentation as Authentic, Action-Based Learning"

Presenters: Mary Dibinga and Sarah Mayper


"From the Page to Life: Reading Roadmap to Empathy, Courage, Forgiveness, Gratitude"

Presenters: James Sapia and Elly Swartz

"Graphic Novels: The Unicorn of Literary instruction" 

Presenters: Katharine Covino and Kisha Tracy

"Play, Game, Win: Rethinking Literacy, Learning & Student Success"

Presenter: Michele L. Haiken

"Publishing Your Work in The Leaflet

Presenter: Mark Fabrizi

"Making a Difference with Grammar" 

Presenters: Melanie Meehan, Bill Antonitis, and Nilda Irizarry

"Negotiating the Personal, Professional, and Political: Teaching for Social Justice in the English Classroom"

Presenters: Janet Johnson, Diane Long, and Brittany Richer 

"Reading the Apocalypse: Using Cormac McCarthy’s The Road to Develop a Multimodal Analysis"

Presenter: Matthew Pifer 

"Seeded & Leveled Text as a Differentiated Approach for Vocabulary and Comprehension (MHC)" 

Presenters: Mark Schmidek and Hannah Dostal

"Strengthening Literacy Skills Utilizing the SAT Suite of Assessments and SAT Practice on Khan Academy Resources"

Presenters: Jenny Caccavale, Sabrina Lavieri, and Simon Edgett

"The Literacies of Personal and Social Change: Teaching for Joy in the ELA Classroom" 

Presenter: Bruce M. Penniman 

"Teaching Rhetoric to Understand the World" 

Presenters: Kelly Danielson and Michael Harten 

"Understanding Digital Colonialism through Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness"

Presenter: Rob Ford

"World Cafe:  A Model for Student Engagement"

Presenter: Corinne Woodworth


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