2015 Conference Handouts

Friday Sessions

Session I

1. Teaching Students to Write African-American History for Publication (HC)

2. Improving Student Writing Through Written Metacognitive Reflection (MH)

3. Planning and Differentiating Online with the Literacy Design Collaborative (MH)

4. Digital Storytelling to Improve Skills in Narrative, Speaking and Listening, Technology (G)

5. Poet-of-the-Year Presentation and Workshop (G)

Session II

1. Journeying Toward Global Social Awareness: Developing Curriculum that Integrates Technology, Global Problem-Solving, and Inquiry-Based Learning. (MH)

2. Verse For Better: Using Multicultural Verse Novels with Social Justice Themes to Stimulate All Learners (MH)

3. Close Reading Made Easy (MH)

4. Building a “REP” for Argumentation: Using Respectful, Effective, Productive Strategies (G)

5. Chaucer Pilgrimage Site: Benefits of Combining Physical and Digital Learning Spaces (HC)

Session III

1. Stories Matter: A Fresh Approach to To Kill a Mockingbird (MH)

2. Using Student Response in Teaching Writing (MH)

3. Multidimensional Differentiation in Poetry (MH)

4. Teaching Outside the Boundaries: the Challenges and Rewards of Multimodal Writing (HC)

5. Theatrical Approach to Text—Tools for Integrating Theater into the Classroom (G)

Saturday Workshops

1. Teaching about the Holocaust through the Lens of Social Justice: Exploring Resources to Help Students Resist, Remember, and Reflect (G)

2. Building Access from the Ground Up: Using Universal Design for Learning for Curriculum and Lesson Development (G)

3. Make/Hack/Play: Tinkering with Technology to Promote Connected Learning (G)


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