2014 Conference Handouts

Session I: Friday, 8:15-9:30 a.m.

  • I.1: Marie Levey-Pabst, Multiple Readings of Complex Texts: Classroom Methods That Work
  1. MultipleReadings_Activity%20Packet.pdf
  2. MultipleReadings_Powerpoint.pdf
  3. ReadingtoAnalyze_Levey.pdf
  4. ReadingtoComprehend_Levey.pdf
  1. frayermodel.pdf
  2. KnowledgeRatingblank.pdf
  3. SemanticFeatureAnalysisblank.pdf
  4. SemanticFeatureAnalysiscomplete%20.pdf
  5. Vocab%20Organizer.pdf
  • I.3: Carol A. Cavanaugh, Julie A. Matson,  and  Cheryl L. Tucker, Let’s Talk Narratology: Ideologies, World Views, and Themes that Reside in the Space Between Authorial Truth and Fiction
  • I.4: Annie Davis, Share the Love & Meet the Requirements: Your National Archives Can Help!
  • I.5: Michael Gianfrancesco, Introduction to the Graphic Novel Form as a Pathway to CCSS-based Close Reading Strategies  OIANEATE.pdf

Session II: Friday, 10:30-11:45 a.m.

  1. Discovering%20the%20Odyssey%20Workshop.pptx
  2. Characteristics%20of%20an%20Epic%20Hero%20Worksheet.doc
  3. epic%20conventions%20template.pdf
  4. homer_odyssey.jpg
  5. Homeric%20Digression%20Activity.docx
  6. Iliad%20Timeline.doc
  7. Odysseus%20Reflection%20Journal.doc
  8. Odyssey%20Journal%20Topics.docx
  9. Odyssey%20RadioTV%20Performance%20Rubric.doc
  10. Odyssey%20Talk%20Show%20Project.doc
  11. Odyssey%20visuals%20What%27s%20Going%20On.docx
  12. Odyssey%20Map.jpg
  13. Odyssey%20Intro3.pdf

Session III: Friday, 2:15-3:30 p.m.

  • III.1: Amy Flanders, Developing a High School African Literature Course
  • III.2: Matthew Knieling, Teaching Social (In-)Equality: Using Literature to Create a Socially Responsible and Inclusive Community
  • III.3: Jonathan Budd, Christine Cincotta, Christina Conetta, and Michael Mezzo, From PB&J to World War II, and Everything In Between: Stimulating Creativity While Building Interdisciplinary School-Wide Portfolios
  • III.4: Mary Botticelli Christensen, Teaching and Learning: A Collaborative, Creative Act
  • III.5: Erik Palmer, Teaching Speaking: Exceeding the Standards and Developing Well-Spoken Students
  • III.6: Barbara Wahlberg, Poetry Finalists

Earlybird Session: Saturday, 8:00-8:45 a.m.

  • EB.1: Ed Darling, NEATE Annual Meeting
  • EB.2: Cathy Sosnowski, Writing into the Day

Session IV: Saturday, 10:15-11:30 a.m.

  • IV.1: Alexander Kaplan and Colleen Simpson, Writing True Stories in the World: Building a Culture of Literacy and Engaging All Learners by Teaching Intensive Journalistic Writing in the English Classroom
  • IV.2: Justin M. Stygles, Reluctant Readers: Reestablishing Confidence and Motivation – Overcoming Shame
  • IV.3: Kisha G. Tracy, Ian Wilkins, and Jennifer Spain, Leveraging “Quick” Technologies to Enliven the Page
  • IV.4: Abbey Dick, More Speaking and More Listening in the English Classroom
  • IV.5: Barry Lane, They're Playing Our Song: Writing and Studying Songs to Uncover, Explore, Satirize Themes in Life, Literature, and Society

Session V: Saturday, 11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

  • V.1: Emily Jones, Balancing Trust and Suspicion: Promoting Academic Integrity through Assignment Design
  • V.2: Matt Schlein, Balancing Arts, Writing, and the Environment in the Public Schools: The Walden Project of Vergennes, VT
  • V.3: Diane Kern, Jennifer Hanson and Padma Venkatraman, Studying the World through Story: Using Multicultural Fiction to Create Global Awareness while Implementing Common Core Standards. A_Time_to_Dance_Activities.pdf
  • V.4: Mariette Camille Ogg, Grammar Remixed for Undergraduates: Engaging Multiple Literacies to Present Common Writing Errors
  • V.5: Sara Casassa, Integrating Technology in the Language Arts Classroom

NEATE Writing Contest

The deadline for the second annual NEATE Writing Contest for Students is right around the corner.  The deadline for submissions is February 24, 2017.  Please consider encouraging your students to enter.  The submission rules and forms can be found here.  


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